Zendow#neo Premium

Discover the windows
of the future

Maximum thermalINSULATION
increase your SAVINGS and COMFORT

Windows and doors
that supply confort

State of the art technology and quality systems to lead the market. SUMUM window and door are made with Deceuninck profiles, world leader in PVC profiles.

Save energy

SUMUM PVC technology paired with apropiate glazing, can save up to 68% of your energy.

Windows and doors
to match your style

At architectural and decorative level, they provide a softness and warmth that make them pleasing to the eye and touch..
Our windows are adapted to all styles, just changing colors, glazing beads, georgian bars... change the look of the window.

colors, glazing beads, georgian bars...

They protect you from heat, cold, rain and wind. You will be comfortable in your home, regardless of outside weather.

The new comes now

Our commitment for the future is to help you build a sustainable home and, with this vision, we conceive all our technical innovations. We combine different materials to achieve the best solution for your needs.

Noise isolating

Silence is comfort. With our windows and doors reduce outside noise 32 times (50dB).

Your windows and doors
always like the first day

PVC is very resistant to the atmospheric agents action, easying maintenance.
Our color finishes are resistant over the years and reflect sunlight rather than absorb it. Or, if you prefer a wood finishing, enjoy a nice touch and beauty without maintenance.

Providing security

Our windows and doors are equipped with fittings and reinforcements from leading brands. They are compatible with special safety glass.

Windows and doors
are planet friendly

Lead free PVC windows and doors are 100% recyclable, helping to build a sustainable home.

Also, they meet the energy efficiency requirements demanded in the Planes Renove.

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