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Lift & Slide HS76

The opening action is divided into two movements. Only after being elevating the sash from the lower frame, it can be moved laterally. This principle allows sashes dimensions over 3 meters wide. Thanks to its special fittings, this system highlights the ease with which the sash slides with a gentle push. Three threshold possibilities from only 20 mm high.

Opening: Lift and slide opening system with gaskets assealing
PVC profiles PVC lift and slide profiles system with double reinforcement of the frame
Fittings Fittings for lift and slide movement
Bearings Special system truck. Up to 300 Kg per sash
Glazing: Allows glazing from 8 to 47 mm thick
UNE EN 14351-1 Values
Air permeability 4
Water tightness E 1050
Wind resistance C4
Ug W/m2 K Glazing Uw W/m2 K dB
2,7 4 / 16 / 4 2,35 30(-1,-4)
2,7 6 / 16 / 4 2,35 30(-1,-3)
2,7 4 / 16 / 4be 1,41 30(-1,-4)

Test results on a 2 sashes lift and slide door of 3000×2200 mm