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With our new composite Deceuninck iSlide#neo sliding system you gain access to the market model. No more licensing between design and saving.  The slenderness and elegance in this system is the ideal alternative to aluminium sliders and has all the advantages of the composite material: durability and the best isolation and performance in the market at the moment.


Specifications Values
Sash profile 46 mm Depth
Frame profile 70 mm Depth
Central view section 35 mm (thinest in the market)
Reduced mobility access Available for new construction and refurbishment.
Air vent Yes
Closing points 4, with 1 point built-in anti-leverage
Roller box compatibility Yes, Deceuninck’s Protex

Why choose iSlide#neo?

iSlide#neo masterly harmonizes aluminium’s aesthetics and composite’s thermal performance.

∙Exceptional thermal performance

It’s the most efficient sliding system in the market, with a thermal coefficient of Uw=1,2 W/m²·K (2 picture windows of 2,35 x 2,18 m [height x width], equiped with a double glazing Ug = 1 W/m2·K and thermal shield). Guarantees home’s well-being in any weather condition.

∙Lighting and solar performance

iSlide#neo lets light in, while having power over the Sun’s free energy.

∙Slim and elegant design

A XS size system for its profile’s slimness, with a 35 mm visible center section, and at the same time it’s an XL size for its design. You will obtain better luminosity for your home, even in case of refurbishment.


∙Reinforced air permeability :

Class 4 is the maximum in its ranking regulations.

∙60 colors and 3 finishings to choose from

When choosing composite Deceuninck sliding system, there are 60 colors with a long-lasting duration coating available. Our products are tested with UV rays and have a 5 year warranty and all the technical advantages. We offer three  finishes: dye pigmented, foliated and décoroc lacquered. It’s the largest range of colors in the market.

∙ And for a bigger respect to the environment,iSlide#neo is 100% recyclable.



Main profiles

Sash range


Handle range


Frame range




Welded frame structure/ Straight cut sash structure, mechanical assembly.

Islide Neo Section-Cross