Add value to your windows


The Kiuso shutters are the ideal solution to enjoy the Mediterranean breeze at home. Being made of PVC, the sun heating it is minimal, and air will enter the house without overheating while in contact profiles as with metal shutters. Just a low manteinance and your shutters will look like the first day.
You can choose the model of fixed blades or orientable slats to regulate the amount of light or ventilation.

Kiuzo 46 – Fixed or orientable slat shutter

Control the light, vision and ventilation. With smooth lines, elegant design and two types of slats, orientable or fixed, Kiuzo 46 fits your architectural style, both straight and arched elements.

Kiuzo 38 – Vintage shutter

The vividness of the edges of the slats sets the character of the Kiuzo 38 shutter , while its design allows the racks paneling to match the design of your home.

Kiuzo 24 – Country-style finishing wicket Z

The rural architecture has an ally in the Kiuxo 24 shutter. The traditional design of tongue and groove panel and stiffening posts in Z defines the style that your home requires.