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This slider door is intended for door openings in which one part is fixed and the other movable but the displacement of the two sashes may also be performed if desired. The system offers excellent sound and heat insulation values ​​close to those of tilt&turn systems. Due to its robustness, tightness get superior ratings for wind resistance.

  1. Frame and sash profiles with curved shapes and Zendow aesthetic of the Monorail series.
  2. Glazing 4 to 41mm allowing special acoustic glazing.
  3. Special Monorailbearings tandem allowing optimum sliding of the sash.
  4. PVC steel reinforced lane to fix the non moving sash in the Monorail system.
  5. Different galvanized steel reinforcements for frame and sashes to stiffen the system.
  6. Brushpile seal between frame and sash.

Sliding opening system With one fixed sash. Possibility of 2 sliding sashes.
Monorail PVC profiles System for sliding doors.
Hardware opening Handle for Monorail.
Tandem bearings needle bearings. Up to 200Kg. per sash.
Glazing up to 41mm of thickness.
Standard UNE EN 14351-1 Values
Air tightness Class 4
E water tightness E 8A
Wind resistance C3
Ug W/m2 K Glass Uw W/m2 K dB
2,7 4 / 16 / 4 2,33 32(-1,-4)
2,7 6 / 16 / 4 2,33 32(-1,-3)
1,4 4 / 16 / 4be 1,35 32(-1,-4)