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OpenMax Premium

OpenMAX Premium an innovative modular system that works in a very unique way; the secret is in its name, each sash places itself and slides independently, changing spaces between instances or entries to a garden or terrace. Unlike traditional folding systems, OpenMAX Premium goes unnoticed indoors, creating wide open spaces. Its exclusive system allows each sash to open independently, making cleaning and ventilation easy. To sum up, easy lines and minimal structure for an extremely safe and versatile system.

 OpenMAX Premium opening sistem

OpenMAX Premium sistema de apertura

OpenMAX Premium


Opening Multi-sash opening
PVC Profiles Zendow#neo Premium System with 5 inner chambers according to AENOR (nº 001/006502), high energetic efficiency
Fittings Sliding door fitting, multi-sash of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 sashes. Up to 90 kg per sash. Totally hidden fitting only the lever can be seen.
Glazing Glazing channel that allows up to 54 mm glass thickness.
UNE EN 14351-1 Values
Air permeability 4
Water tightness 5A
Wind resistance C3
Ug W/m2 K Glazing Uw W/m2 K dB
2,7 4 / 16 / 4 2,07 33(-1,-4)
2,7 6 / 16 / 4 2,07 36(-1,-3)
2,7 44.2 / 20 / 66.2 2,07 45(-1,-3)
1,4 4 / 16 / 4be 1,22 33(-1,-4)

Test results on a 3 sash balcony door, with 2500 mm wide and 2100mm high

OpenMAX Premium system horizontal section
OpenMAX Premium