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Lateral slider

The lateral slider doors is the result of the Zendow tilt&turn system combined with special sash fittings to slide smoothly on rails like a vandoor. It can be also automated. With the door closed, carpentry behaves like a tilt&turn system, having the same thermal and acoustic insulation values, so we can say it is a solution that brings more features than a standard slider.


Opening system
Oval opening with outer rail
PVC Profiles Zendow System of 5 cameras according to AENOR (Nº 001/003279)
Fittings Standard fitting for oscilloparallel door. Manual or automatic. Up to 160 kg per manual sheet and 250 kg automatic.
Glazing Glass channel that allows glass from 5 to 41 mm. of thickness
 UNE EN 14351-1 Values Values
Air permeability 4
Water tightness E 900
Wind resistance C2
Ug W/m2 K Type of Glass Uw W/m2 K dB
2,7 4 / 16 / 4 2,33 33(-2,-5)
2,7 6 / 16 / 4 2,33 34(-1,-3)
1,4 4 / 16 / 4be 1,42 33(-2,-5)

Tests carried out on 2-leaf Osciloparalela door of 2100×2100 with Drawer of Shade Protex