iSlide#neo-The sliding system that combines performance and design

Brightness,design, great opening and thermal performance, iSlide#neo is your perfect solution. Aluminium-like slim profiles , with PVC isolation advantages, the perfect combination for a high level result.

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TECNOCOR – Maximum opening at the minimum space

tecnocorTecnocor>2 is the door that has revolutionized the field of enclosure. The only PVC sliding door with a third rail, allowing 2/3 opening.
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MONORAIL – Extra value for your sliding door

monorailThis slider door is intended for door openings in which one part is fixed and the other movable but the displacement of the two sashes may also be performed if desired. Due to its robustness, tightness get superior ratings for wind resistance.
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Lateral slider – More benefits out of your slider

osciloparalelasA special fitting allows the sash to slide on rails. Closed behaves like a tilt&turn element providing more features than a standard slider. Opening automation possible.
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HS76 Lift & Slide – Edge technology for large openings

elevadora hs76The opening action has two movements. This principle allows sash dimensions over 3 meters wide. Highlighting the easyness of the sash slide with only a gentle push.
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iSlide #neo allows the best views and the highest brightness thanks to its reduced 35mm central section, the thinest of all sliding PVC systems in the market. And without renouncing to the benefits of a good window, iSlide#neo sliding system allows you to install 2, 3, 4 or 6 sash windows or doors thanks to its 2 or 3 rail frames, without loosing an inch from your lounge or room inside area.

All that with pleasant aesthetics thanks to its refined design. Its capacity to lodge 24 or 28 mm glass allows you to enjoy a very superior thermal and acoustic isolation than what’s espected from sliding windows and doors.

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The sliding system that confirms the benefits of fiberglass’s isolation and rigidity

With the new composite Deceuninck iSlide#neo sliding system you gain access to the market model. Concessions between design and savings are over. This system, for its slimness and elegance is the ideal alternative to aluminium sliders and has all the advantages of composite material: durability and the highest isolation performance in the market.

Why choose iSlide#neo?

Exceptional thermal performance

Guarantees home’s well-being in any weather condition.

Lighting and solar performance

iSlide#neo lets light in, while having power over the Sun’s free energy.

Slim and elegant design

You will obtain better luminosity for your home, even in case of refurbishment.

Reinforced air permeability

Class 4 is the maximum in its ranking regulations.

60 colors and 3 finishings to choose from

It’s the largest range of colors in the market.

And for a bigger respect to the environment,iSlide#neo is 100% recyclable.

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Tecnocor> 2 was specially designed for lovers of space, light and freedom. But it also stands out for its comfort and the elegance of its lines. We are introducing the sliding door that has revolutionized the field of enclosure.
Do you not find anything comparable? It is normal, it is one of a kind.
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These are the possibilities of opening TECNOCOR> 2 in its three sashes version.

Discover TECNOCOR> 2, the single sliding door PVC with a third rail, allowing atwo-thirds opening.

TECNOCOR> 2 can be cofigures as a 2, 3, 4 or 6 sashes element, for the great pleasure of having a complete view of the outside.


Do not give up the light or the view of the outside. Monorail covers such large openings (between 4 and 5 meters wide) that exceed the capacity of a standard slider system, while saving the cost of a lift & slide door. Its detailed design allows Monorail to solve such openings with a combination of a smooth sliding movement or also a lift & slide moving sash plus a second one fixed . If you prefer, both sashes can slide. In accordance with the Zendow platform aesthetics, Monorail holds uo to 42 mm of glazing to enjoy high thermal and acoustic insulation.

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Lateral slider

The lateral slider doors is the result of the Zendow tilt&turn system combined with special sash fittings to slide smoothly on rails like a vandoor.

It can be also automated. With the door closed, carpentry behaves like a tilt&turn system, having the same thermal and acoustic insulation values, so we can say it is a solution that brings more features than a standard slider.

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HS76 Lift and slide

Have you ever thought of enjoying the views through a wall? With the HS76 Lift & Slide system you can make it happen. It is specially designed for large openings with sashes up to 3 meters wide and a weight up to 300 kg to slide smoothly and effortlessly.

It will be as incorporating the outside to home and enjoy high performance thermal and acoustic insulation. And all without barriers to have three different thresholds to choose the one that best fits your needs, from 20mm up to allow wheel chairs pass.

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Save energy. The technology of PVC doors Sumum can result in savings of up to 68% of your energy bill. Noise insulation. Silence is comfort. With the Sumum doors you can reduce outside noise by 32 times (50dB). With Security. PVC Sumum doors are steel reinforced and incorporate top brands hardware to get a very safe door. And insulating. They protect us from cold, heat, rain and wind. You will be comfortable no matter how the outside weather conditions.