Security and design for your home

With the Sumum entrance doors you can get a workable solution while decorative, allowing many combinations of models, colors and textures, including the possibility add safety glazing and panels. The steel reinforcements and high rigidity of the corners along with the Zendow platform finishes allow you to enjoy your home while saving energy and money. Less than 20 mm in height treshold to eliminate architectural barriers allowing use of wheelchairs, with a perfect insulation between the outside and theinside the house.

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Save energy. Sumum PVC windows technologycan can save up to 68% of your energy bill. Noise insulation. Silence is comfort. Sumum windows can reduce external noise up to 32 times (50dB). Security. Sumum PVC windows are reinforced and use premium brand locks to offer you a very safe window. Insulation. Sumum windows protect you from cold, heat, rain and wind. Youwill be comfortable no matter how the outside weather.