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2 is the window that has revolutionized the field of enclosure. Designed with special attention for lovers of space, light and freedom. But it also stands out for its comfort and the elegance of its lines.

Opening system  Sliding door up to 2, 3, 4 and 6 sashes
PVC Profiles TECNOCOR PVC sliding system for windows and doors
Opening Hardware Hardware hangnail or handle. Inertial interlocks available
Bearings Tandem bearings, needle bearings up to 100 kg. per sash
Glazing Up to 29 mm of thickness
Standard UNE EN 14351-1 Values
Air tightness 3
Water tightness E 4A
Wind resistance C4
Ug W/m2 K Glass Uw W/m2 K dB
2,7 4 / 16 / 4 2,29 30(0,-2)
2,7 6 / 16 / 4 2,29 32(-1,-2)
1,4 4 / 16 / 4be 1,62 30(0,-2)

Tests results of a 2 sashes TECNOCOR> 2 1600 × 1400 + Protex roller shutter box

Discover TECNOCOR> 2, the only PVC sliding window or door with a third rail, allowing a two-thirds opening. TECNOCOR> 2 allows the manufacture 2, 3, 4 and 6 sashes for the great pleasure of getting a complete view of the outside.

The TECNOCOR> 2 windows and doors far exceed the requirements of actual energy efficiency standards.

A tribute to the softness and lightness

When refinement also allows technical prowess

Harmonize with all styles and perfectly linkd to the Zendow tilt&turn platform