Save energy. Sumum PVC windows technologycan can save up to 68% of your energy bill. Noise insulation. Silence is comfort. Sumum windows can reduce external noise up to 32 times (50dB). Security. Sumum PVC windows are reinforced and use premium brand locks to offer you a very safe window. Insulation. Sumum windows protect you from cold, heat, rain and wind. Youwill be comfortable no matter how the outside weather.

Zendow#neo Premium – Super insulating windows

Zendow#neo Premium windows exceed the stringent requirements of the passive house concept. Its innovative continuous fiber glass reinforcement (FVC) gives resistance and increases insulation. Thanks to this innovative insulation concept, profiles are lean and higly resistant holding triple glazing up to 54 mm thick.

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Zendow#neo – Very insulating windows

Zendow#neo system increases up to a 30% more the energy efficincy compared with traditional PVC windows with steel reinforcement, without increasing the depth of the system, so they are ideal for renovating windows with glazing up to 42 mm thick solution. Thanks to its innovative composite tehrmal reinforcement the weight of the window is reduced by 40%, increasing the life of the fittings.

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Zendow – Insulating windows

The Zendow system is the classic version of the Zendow platform, characterized by a depth of 70 mm, 5 insulating chambers and steel reinforcement. It is prepared to accommodate glazing up to 42 mm thick.

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Auténtica – Stylinsh windows

Be seduced by a unique and timeless style through elegant moldings that customize your windows with a touch of traditional craftsmanship combined with the Zendow technology you want.