Add value to your windows

Why we must reinforce the window profiles?

To improve the strenght of the window and its windage

Enhances the functionality of the window and durability

To prevent expansion and loss of stiffness with the action of high temperatures

To improve mechanical strength and impact resistance

Zendow #neo premium

Linktrusion combines new and traditional materials, innovation and experience. With this second solution: Zendow#neo Premium, you may glaze up to 54mm. The frame remains the same as the version Zendow#neo, with a 6 insulating chambers sash. Improves thermal insulation, combining rigid PVC with continuous glass fiber attached to the inner walls of the profile. Again, all 100% recyclable.

Certified Passive House Component

Zendow#neo Premium is the only profile system consisting of just 70mm depth that fulfills Passive House’s requirements, and with best performance than other deeper systems, that entitles to obtain phB level.
Aditional information about Zendow#neo Premium certification